You're Vulnerable If You Don't deal with Vulnerability

Zoom - Webinar
Wednesday, 10 June 2020
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
    • Robin Melley FPFS ACSI , Chartered Financial Planner , MATRIX CAPITAL LIMITED

The key areas covered in this webinar are:

Defining vulnerability

How do you define vulnerability, including the FCAs published definition explained.

Identifying vulnerability

Awareness of the cues that suggest vulnerability

The FCA’s expectations of advice firms

FCA's requirements, including having a policy for your firm, and Vulnerability training and qualifications

Recognising potential financial abuse

Characteristics of a victim and a potential perpetrator, Indicators of irregularities, and Bystander -v- Taking action

Good practice

Lasting and Enduring Powers of Attorney, the approach where client discloses a mental health issue (TEXAS), and information to gather where mental heal issue disclosed (IDEA)

Practical steps in creating a vulnerable client policy for your business

Defining vulnerability, identifying the types of vulnerability, how to spot whether someone is vulnerable, how to deal with clients (and prospective clients) in vulnerable circumstances, internal processes, systems and controls, training, and policy review.

The Presenter: Robin Melley

Following a successful career in social housing, and studying to become a chartered surveyor, Robin changed professions and moved into the financial planning profession in 1991. He founded Matrix Capital Limited as a directly regulated firm in 2005, which is focussed on providing a holistic financial planning service to clients from all walks of life. He is results orientated with a reputation for creativity, innovative thinking and problem solving; and has the ability to distil complex situations into simple solutions. Robin is one of only four chartered financial planners in the UK to also hold the STEP Advanced Certificate in Advising Vulnerable Clients.