President's Message

  • Philip Roath
  • President

Championing our best people is how I would like to start the year It is truly a pleasure and an honour as incoming president to see two of our brightest stars awarded this year for outstanding achievement in their respective roles. I also thank Andrew Dakin for his superb leadership through one of the most challenging periods that business and Institute alike have faced, his work with all parties demonstrated by our continued success.

Kayleigh Penwill picked up the secretary role at short notice from a long standing and very experienced ex-president, (our much loved and missed Julie) who now enjoys well deserved retirement. Now, the secretary role in one of the busiest and most successful small institutes in the country is far from simple. Yet Kayleigh has taken it, run with it, and made it her own. The meetings move productively with renewed structure and each person has clear definitions and responsibilities at each stage thanks to Kayleigh’s input and direction. A future leader perhaps?

Natasha Hall has given sterling service during her last term in careers events, bringing new talent on from schools and colleges with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable insight into insurance and the finance sector.

We also welcome members from our neighbouring Blackburn and Burnley Institute which sadly closed this year. Sean McParland takes leadership of the Charities Role, whilst David Reed and Darren Maroney provide much needed input and succession to council. A lifetime of skills and experience is a very much appreciated addition to the team.

For the year ahead Martin Ashfield is planning a Regional Conference. For those not as excited by this as I am, his last set of speakers presented in the cinema on the big screen, and his last conference featured a star from the London West end. Book early and expect to be dazzled and amazed by a “not just insurance” line up.

In addition, there are over 5 CPD events being organised as we speak by our very own L&D leader Paul Cooper and a great new team (Adele Davies, David Reed and Paul Greenwood). Paul Greenwood has previously worked with CII Central in London to bring CII careers to Universities throughout the North West. Watch out for the email flyers for more details.

We welcome 3 new council members this year: Rhian Vickers, Kris Locker and Adele Davies. As well as featuring in many of our sub committees, Natasha Hall hopes to lead a group of new professionals to a vibrant new sports and social scene in conjunction with David Scott and the wider Sports and Social team.

The Careers team this year is headed up by Joanne Kirkby and looks forward to bringing an introduction to insurance and financial services to Schools, Colleges and Universities in and around the local area.

Lastly, and a date for your diary is the highly prestigious (and long anticipated) Insurance Institute of Bolton Dinner for 2023. Covid put pay to our plans for 2022, but have no fear, we have a dream team for 2023 with an extra year to plan the best event we have seen. This event really does sell out quickly every year it has run. Expect this year to be the same. All the best local employers in our industry, the best food, the best entertainment, and most importantly the best company that we have all missed for the last year. Join us and be part of something amazing.

Your President

Philip Roath


Bolton CII President Philip Roath Presents the award to New Professionals Leader Natasha Hall

Bolton Insurance Institute President Philip Roath Presents the award to Secretary Kayleigh Penwill