Local Awards

The following awards are presented to members per annum to recognise achievements in the CII examinations:

Bradford Institute Prize Awarded to the person with the best overall achievement in a given academic year and this will usually require completion of at least the Diploma (Dip CII) qualification, but will be solely at the discretion of the Council at the time, who will also decide the size of the award.
Bartlett Prize Awarded for a “meritorious achievement” in any given academic year, which has a wide interpretation and offers the opportunity to reward any individual(s) who may gain distinctions without gaining any higher qualification than is already held on their way to the advanced Diploma (ACII).
Colin Dallas Prize Awarded to any persons whom the Council feels have achieved a good examination pass in a given academic year or single sitting or proved other high achievement that is not already catered for in our other two prizes (this category mainly for Cert CII and Financial Services qualifications).