Webinar Event - Changing Employment Trends: The Missed Business Opportunity

Thursday, 17 September 2020
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
    • Alan Chandler

The Insurance Institute of Cardiff invite you to a webinar on - Changing Employment Trends: The Missed Business Opportunity

Event Details:

Thursday 17th September 2020 - 09:30 - 10:30am

The webinar will be run via Zoom, a global web-conferencing solution. Zoom is easy to use, a link and joining instructions will be sent to you prior to the webinar.

About the session:

During the last twenty years there has never been more changes in employment trends in the UK - yet in many cases the insurance industry has been slow to change. This presentation, delivered by Alan Chandler, who is well known to our members having delivered the highly successful diploma programme to our institute as well as other very well received presentations, will point out the business opportunities that have arisen due to these changing trends and why they have often been missed.

Small business numbers have increased by 2.2 million since 2000! Many more people are now working from home, many more people are now giving advice, many immigrant groups have arrived to provide valuable skills - the demand for commercial insurance products has changed dramatically, but in many cases the policies and sales processes offered are still stuck in the last century! The insurance industry has often been slow to respond to changes in demand and this presentation looks at how employment practices have changed and will continue to change dramatically, and how brokers could increase remuneration if they start amending their processes to make them line them up more accurately with the needs of the changing employment sector. The FCA estimate that 40% of SME's are under insured and at the end of 2016 86.3% did not have any cyber cover at all. With the outbreak of Covid-19 businesses will evolve again- can the insurance industry offer an appropriate response?

There will be stacks of interesting facts and figures in this presentation that will get intermediaries and insurers thinking about whether they are making the most of the business opportunities brought about by changing employment trends within the UK.

The Course will be run by Alan Chandler.

Alan has been an operations and project manager in three large global companies. NatWest insurance services, Royal Bank of Scotland insurance group and Allianz. In the last ten years running his own training company he has taken more than 1.000 people to Acii including six people who have achieved the top ACII pass rate in the whole of the UK. He has trained national prize winners in almost all CII subjects, has been a CII examiner and has a pass rate of 96% in cii training. His website is www.alanchandler.co.uk

Learning Objectives

This presentation will show you how to help your clients set a correct gross profit sum insured.

  • Understand how employment changes in the UK are dramatically changing
  • Understand how these changes are altering the demand for insurance
  • Discovering why the insurance industry has in many cases been slow to respond to these changes
  • Understand how business can be increased by responding more quickly to the changing UK employment trends

Further information.

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