IIC&G CPD WEBINAR: Hack your circadian rhythm

Wednesday, 25 May 2022
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (UK time)
    • Ollie Martin, Nick Thomas and Associates

IIC&G is proud to be presenting a new set of up to the minute training solutions addressing the physcial and wellbeing challenges of the modern insurance professional

Your sleep/wake cycle is your secret weapon to fight off disease, optimise energy, build focus, and realise your potential. In this session, Ollie shares some illuminating tips to work with your circadian rhythm


• An analysis of evolutionary sleep patterns and what they mean to us

• A review of the latest science on sleep and recovery

• The autonomic nervous system

• An assessment of ‘smart tech’

• ‘Dos and don’ts’ for a good night’s sleep

• Developing a personalised plan for immediate implementation


Build understanding of circadian rhythm and its importance to energy, performance, and wellbeing

To understand how circadian rhythm impacts every aspect of life

To identify some simple and tailored actions to improve health and performance


Ollie is an acclaimed Health Coach and Author, who has spent over twenty years helping transform the health and performance of thousands of clients ranging from businesses to professional athletes, couch-potatoes, and retirees.

Ollie has a background in high level sport and sports science. He has trained and studied with a range of institutions across multiple fields to include the CHEK Institute, the American College of Sports Medicine, and in Biogeometry and Tai Chi.

Through this and his wider research and experience, Ollie has developed his own unique and integrated approach to health and performance encapsulated in his new book ‘Un-common Sense’


This event is being delivered by Zoom. It will be recorded and distributed only to those who pre-book. Zoom details will be sent 48 hours before the event. Any questions to Education Lead simon.mcgill@ecclesiastical.com