Annual General Meeting 2016

Tuesday, 05 April 2016
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm (UK time)

The annual general meeting is open to all members of Exeter Institute.

The objectives of the meeting are

  • To receive the financial report and accounts of the institute
  • To elect the Council (committee) of the institute for the coming year.
  • To deal with any other business whose subject has been sent to the Secretary ( by 22nd March 2016

The Council consists of volunteers who meet from time to time (approximately 4 times per year) and put together a series of CPD events which complement professional learning in the world of insurance and financial services. Additionally we try to put on social events which members will enjoy.

If you feel that you can contribute to the future success of the institute, by bringing knowledge and enthusiasm to the Council, please consider joining.

Ask for a nomination form from the Secretary at the above e-address. We will need the completed form to be returned by the 22nd March.

We are trying to reduce the average age of the Council, so younger members of the institute are encouraged to apply.

If you want to attend the AGM, please notify the Secretary at the above e-address before 1st April.