Tue 16 Feb. 2021

Charities Representative Position

We are currently looking to attract new Council members for the 2021-2022 period.

If you feel that you can actively contribute to the future success of your Local Institute, by bringing your knowledge and enthusiasm to Council, please consider joining.

Being a Council member brings with it an array of benefits including the opportunity to network with senior figures from the industry, develop your own personal skills and raise your profile within the local market.

We welcome and actively encourage any new member(s) wishing to join Council.

We are currently seeking a Charities Representative to join our council.

Main responsibilities

  • To promote awareness of The Insurance Charities to the local membership and key organisations across the region throughout the presidential year.
  • To raise funds for The Insurance Charities at planned fund raising events throughout the presidential year.
  • To support The Insurance Charities during Insurance Charities Awareness Week through the co-ordination and promotion of the week to the local membership and key organisations across the region.
  • Fully brief the president and council on the particular needs of The Insurance Charities and the work it undertakes.
  • Liaise with the local institute treasurer with regards to the banking of receipts and the transfer of funds to The Insurance Charities, or operate a separate bank facility to account specifically for the charity funds.

For more information, please get in touch with any of our council members or email exeterinstitute@cii.co.uk

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