WEBINAR: Introduction to Mindfulness - SESSION ONE

Thursday, 30 April 2020
11:00 am – 12:00 pm (UK time)

The IASG Professional Development Group are happy to announce that their next lunchtime seminar will provide an ‘introduction to mindfulness’.

During this unsettling period, we will all be experiencing different challenges and a range of emotions, as we adapt to change and try to get more comfortable living with uncertainty.

Mindfulness based approaches have been the single most significant development in mental health practice since the turn of the millennium, as well as playing an integral part in human development.

In this session our speaker will provide insight to help participants gain a better understanding of mindfulness and how it can help to influence our health and wellbeing, enhance relationships and increase our performance potential.

Learning Objectives:

By attending this event delegates will be able to identify:

- What is mindfulness & why is it important
- Why is it beneficial to train our minds
- The nature and tendencies of the mind (understanding the origins of stress)
- A neuroscience-based understanding of mindfulness
- Tools to integrate mindfulness into daily life (a short-guided practice will be provided)

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Speaker Biography:

Gary Young is a Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach, Speaker and Training Provider and an Accredited Mindfulness Teacher.

During childhood, having a close family member with serious and recurring mental health issues showed him how profound an effect that experience can have on all concerned, particularly without a support mechanism and better understanding for children and adults alike.

It was this experience and his own experience of mental health challenges that inspired him to create The Mindful Enterprise CIC, a social enterprise launched in 2017.

The enterprise delivers mindfulness and well-being seminars, training and retreats to the business sector and individual consumers and uses profits to deliver subsidised mindfulness training to the education sector and deprived communities.
Prior to moving into wellbeing, Gary spent 23 years in a corporate career, as a project and programme manager working on large complex change within the Financial Services sector. This experience has proved invaluable in helping him create and deliver seminars and training that land effectively with his audience.

Gary believes passionately in the transformative power of mindfulness to help unlock human potential, increase wellbeing and enable a change in the way we approach life, to promote the future health and prosperity of the planet.