PFS Pre Exam Revision - J02 (Trusts)

Wednesday, 16 September 2020
9:30 am – 4:30 pm
    • John Trayner FCII FPFS, CII approved trainer

>> Event Overview

The Personal Finance Society Hants and Dorset, Surrey & Thames Valley Regional Committees in association with the Insurance Institutes of Bournemouth, Guildford, Reading and Southampton have organised training days for those members who are studying for and taking the JO2 and J05 examinations.

At this point in time we do not know if we will run this as an online distance learning event or a face to face training day. This will depend on HM Government’s guidelines in the Autumn and where we are re the lockdown and what the PFS and CII nationally are advising us. Even if the lockdown measures are eased from September onwards, we will need to find a suitable venue that can cater for social distancing and has suitable hand sanitising facilities. However, we have the option of running this event as an ‘online distance learning’ training day if a traditional face to face training day is not an option.

Further details available at: CII Exams (Coronavirus Update)

These aim of this training day is to significantly improve delegates’ chances of passing the exam by developing an understanding of the key technical points that are likely to be tested.

>> Learning Objectives

By the end of this event delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the key characteristics of a trust.
  • Explain how trusts can be set up together with the roles and responsibilities of trustees.
  • Explain the main characteristics of Absolute, Interest in Possession and Discretionary trusts and how income and capital gains is calculated for each.
  • Identify what is a Relevant Property Trust and a Non-Relevant Property Trust and explain how this status affects liability to IHT.
  • Understand the main uses of trusts in financial planning.
  • Explain the requirements for a will to be valid and the process to be followed by the executors in distributing the estate.
  • Know how a deceased’s estate is taxed before it is distributed.
  • Explain the rules of intestacy and the uses of Deeds of Variation.
  • Understand the concept of mental capacity and how it is used to establish the ability of an individual to make decisions.
  • Explain how a General Power and Lasting Power of Attorney can be set up and administered.
  • Explain the procedures and implications of being made bankrupt.


The cost of each days training will be £41 for PFS members and £51 for non-PFS members.

>> More about our speaker

The course trainer is John Trayner FCII FPFS, a CII approved trainer, who has supported the Personal Finance Society Hants and Dorset Region’s exam revision programme since 2018.

>> To book your place / for more info

Your attendance will be confirmed once you have booked online. There is a maximum of 12 attendees on each day. If we are oversubscribed, you will be placed on a waiting list.

To attend, please book online via the following links:

JO2 16th September

Any questions please email the Personal Finance Society Hants and Dorset Regional Committee on

CII Accredited

This demonstrates the quality of an event and that it meets CII member CPD scheme requirements.

5 1/2 hours' CPD can be claimed for this event if relevant to your learning and development needs.

It is recommended that you keep any evidence of the CPD activity you have completed and upload copies to the recording tool as the CII may ask to see this if your record is selected for review. Details of the scheme can be viewed online at