Fri 22 Nov. 2019

Insuring Women's Futures - Day 5

This week is National Money Week, and your local Institute are further supporting the CII's campaign "Insuring Women's Futures".

We will be releasing blogs on the website related to the six key points in a woman's life that are financially important, as well as the potential pitfalls women may face.

All the information contained in these articles and more, is taken from the dedicated website -

Later today, we have the lovely Alison Cooper doing the first of her Financial Resilience talks in Ipswich, with a second to follow next week in Colchester.

Alison kindly did this talk for us a year or so ago, at the start of the CII's Insuring Women's Futures campaign and it was so well received it seemed only right to incorporate it into National Money Week.

Additionally the CII are running the Talk210k campaign, asking it's members to commit to speaking to ten people each during this week. However, this is something that needs to be spoken about more regularly so feel free to continue to spread the word! The website contains a complete toolkit and a webinar explaining tools and tips to get you started.

The Insuring Women's Futures website also has a page dedicated to resources, where you can learn about financial matters and how to manage them effectively at every stage of your life.

We hope you've found this series of blogs useful - remember they'll be here for future reference!