Fri 14 Aug. 2020

Ipswich CII Lockdown as told by Ellie Harrison

Life in lockdown as told by council member Ellie Harrison - Find out what council member Ellie is up to during lockdown.

This is the last in this series of blog posts - we have thoroughly enjoyed sharing with you what we are doing in lockdown and hope you have enjoyed hearing about our lockdown experiences. #IpswichCIIlockdown

This week we hear from council member Ellie Harrison.

"Having clawed back a tremendous amount of hours (especially on weekends) during lockdown, my husband and I have been putting the finishing touches to our house that we moved into 18 months ago, and I finally completed my last Dip CII coursework as I simply had no excuse to put it off any more! I also lead a local Brownie Unit in Ipswich, and it has been great fun virtually seeing the girls each week and encouraging them with activities/badges to keep them involved in Girlguiding.

The weeks have flown by and it has definitely had its’ ups and downs, however I would say my most proudest achievements of lockdown are the following:

  • Watched all 23 Marvel Universe films
  • Watched all 11 Star Wars films (for the first time!)
  • Made an Instagram page for my cats, because #catstagram is serious business
  • Restrained from making banana bread, and instead made lasagne and chocolate mousse for the first time
  • Completed 14 weeks of Zoom quizzes with friends, and 12 weeks of Zoom quizzes with family! I am officially Zoom-quizzed-out.


Eleanor Harrison