Fri 26 Jun. 2020

Ipswich CII Lockdown as told by Laura Blyth

Ipswich CII Lockdown as told by Laura Blyth - Find out what our president Laura is up to during lockdown.

We want to continue to share what we are doing in lockdown with our institute members. Each week we hope to share the experience of one of our council members. We would love for you to get involved using the hashtag #ipswichCIIlockdown on social media.

This week we hear from our president, Laura Blyth.

"I have found it quite difficult in lockdown to motivate myself to be active. I usually go to the gym a few times a week as one of my main hobbies is eating, therefore it is important to balance it out.

I was starting to feel a lot more stressed and lethargic so I needed something to kick start my motivation. I purchased a Fitbit to help me track my steps and set myself a daily goal of walking 10,000 steps a day. As I have recently moved, it is a great way to explore my surroundings and get away from my laptop for a while each day.

I have also jumped on the home workout hype and have tried various different ones. I am three weeks into Pamela Reif’s 45 minute Fat Burn weekly workouts and loving it. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a workout that isn’t all jumping up and down and doing burpees (spoiler: there is some burpees).

Some other great ones are Courtney Black and Mark Wright’s lives on Instagram.

Boost those endorphins and get active!!!! #IpswichCIIlockdown"

Laura Blyth