Fri 19 Jun. 2020

Ipswich CII Lockdown as told by Yasmin Van Der Veen

Ipswich CII Lockdown as told by Yasmin Van Der Veen - Find out what council member Yasmin is up to during lockdown.

We want to continue to share what we are doing in lockdown with our institute members. Each week we hope to share the experience of one of our council members. We would love for you to get involved using the hashtag #ipswichCIIlockdown on social media.

This week we hear from council member Yasmin Van Der Veen.

" I have been making the most of the lovely warm weather by riding my horses and cooling myself down with delicious, homemade Melon Ice-Cream Cookies.

I am a total beginner, but as most ice cream parlours have shut down over lockdown I started to try to make ice cream at home. Several attempts failed miserably but now I have “mastered” how to create a refreshing homemade Melon Ice-Cream.

It takes less than 30 minutes to prepare the ice cream and cookies and it’s so easy. If I can do it, YOU can do it too!!

Come on, give it a go! Well worth trying (see recipe images below)