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Fundraising for Suffolk Mind!

Sat 18 Jan. 2020

2020 is a busy time for some of our Council members, with fundraising happening for our friends over at Suffolk Mind!

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A Day in the Life of... Phil Rawlings

Mon 30 Dec. 2019

Phil is a Council stalwart, a Past President and the current Charities officer. He is always ready to pitch in and help out. In his own words…..

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A Day in the Life of... Kelly-ann Quirke

Mon 16 Dec. 2019

Kelly is a member of our Young Professional Group and had a lead role in organising our hugely successful quiz night last month….

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A Day in the Life of... Mike Farrer

Mon 2 Dec. 2019

For those of you who have taken exams in recent times, you may well have met Mike. Despite now being retired, Mike remains an active member of the CII Council, is part of our Education committee and frequently oversees exams. Mike is a great character and has a wealth of Insurance experience and associated stories. So, here he is in his own words...

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