Thu 26 Nov. 2020

Focus: Prizewinners - Jake Mower

2020 has thrown a spanner in the works for celebrating our brilliant prizewinners for their achievements in 2019, so here is a focus on each of our winners in turn.

Ivan Howlett Award 2020 - best set of results in completing the Diploma in Insurance

Congratulations to Jake, a corporate account executive at Ryan's!

How did you feel when you won the award?

I was really shocked to have received the award, but obviously very pleased. Like most people, I put a lot of time and effort into it so it was really nice to receive recognition of that.

How do you feel now that you have completed your Diploma?

It was a relief to know that I wasn't going to have to sit any more exams, but I went straight into the Advanced Diploma so I didn't have much of a chance to relax and take stock!

What advice would you give to others thinking about doing their Diploma?

The Diploma gives you a really good overall understanding of various aspects of insurance and law, so it's a great thing to do for those looking to take a step forward in their insurance career. Since completing the Diploma, I feel much more confident and it has helped me in various situations when advising my clients.