Wed 23 Dec. 2020

President's Message - Christmas 2020

A Christmas Message

Dear Members,

This year has been a unique one, it has challenged us in many ways, but also shown how resilient we are and how we all come together in times of need.

We have volunteered to help, clapped for the NHS, supported those who are more at risk and those who have lost their jobs. I have been humbled by the support I have seen from employers, colleagues as well as friends and family.

For many of you, this week has started with disappointment and hurt that Christmas is not going to be what we had hoped this year. I urge you to remember that better days are coming and if we continue to pull together, we will come out the other side.

I want to encourage everyone to take some time over the next few weeks to relax and recharge, even though we have been working from home for most of the year, this is still so important.

Please remember your Local Institute will continue to support you the best we can in 2021. I am proud to say that we have manged to move all our CPD content online, provided webinars specifically designed to support your wellbeing and created a bit of fun with our Christmas Advent and virtual social events.

We will continue to think of new things for you throughout 2021, but please do let us know if there is something that you would like to see.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers that make up our Local Institute, without you this would not be possible.

To everyone, remember to stay safe by following government guidelines, be kind to yourself and each other and remember we will get through this.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Your President

Laura Blyth