Sat 14 Mar. 2020

Student Presentation Event 2020

Earlier this week we were delighted to welcome Pat Cottman to the Novotel in Ipswich, to deliver an engaging session on "Building Resilience". Given everything that is happening in the world at the moment, it was a very timely talk.

Pam had useful tips and we participated in thought-provoking break-out sessions with those around us. But by far the best part for me was utilising the superhero pose as seen on Grey's Anatomy. A few moments that really change your attitude to a situation!

I found the YouTube link for the clip:

But the main reason we were there was to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of our Institute members who completed both CII and PFS qualifications in 2019!

A full list can be found below - congratulations to everyone!

Fellowship of the Personal Finance Society

Michael Card
Julie Mallett
Daniel Midwinter
Elizabeth Reed

Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning

Ashlie Berry
John Markham
Adam Payne
Jack Walmsley

Regulated Diploma in Financial Planning

Dimity Beeton
Beatrice Churchill
Juliet Dobson
Simon Harding
Stephen Henry
George Hinds
Troy James
Samuel May
Kirsty McCrave
Jessica Moody
Daniel Parish
Richard Proctor
Georgia Rickards
David Snell
Kirsty Stageman
Byron Stretton

Diploma in Financial Planning

Mark Hall
Alan Hillyard
Thomas Hobson
Matthew Jones

Advanced Diploma in General Insurance

Guy Cologne-Brookes
Grace Crouch
Mathew McElhinney
Georgina Purvis
Kelly-Ann Quirke
Lorna Santon
Emily Suddaby

Diploma in General Insurance

Ieva Andraityte
Chloe Archer
Sarah Belk
Amy Bolton
George Bowman
Francesca Brown
Matthew Fisk
Hector Fitch
Chloe Gentle
Sarah Hart
Jack Heaney
Benjamin Higgins
Jason Kerry
Matthew Kettle
Sean Lynch
Georgina Morrison
Jake Mower
Harriet Parkinson
Adrian Pepper
Nicola Roberts
Roxanne Simmons
Coralie Storey
Carly Syrett
George Watson
Savannah Watts
Amber Watts
Thomas Wotton
Walid Youssef