Sun 28 Jun. 2020

The Insurance Charities

Eligibility criteria

Each case they receive is considered on an individual basis upon receipt of the application form and employment history, and subject to a visit from a Welfare Officer. If you’re not sure if you are eligible for help then please still submit your details for their consideration.

You can apply:

  • if you are a current or former insurance employee with ideally five years’ recent service.

  • if you are at the start of your career, but have predominately worked in insurance so far.

  • if you are in receipt of a pension or deferred pension following five years’ employment in the sector.

  • if you are a dependant of a current or former insurance employee, as above.

In all cases:

  • Service must be/have been within the UK or Irish insurance industry.

  • There must be restricted financial means in terms of income and capital.

  • An element of misfortune has arisen.

They are an independent charity and applicants do not need to be members of the CII or any other insurance related body or association.

Employment within the industry can be in any role and is not restricted to specific insurance careers such as underwriting or broking.

The Insurance Charities can offer support to those in financial services who have insurance as a major part of their business. If they aren’t able to help you directly, they may be able to offer advice and point you in the right direction of another charitable organisation.

You can apply for help by clicking here and there is more information on practical support for a range of topics that can be found here.

How they can help

One-off payments

By financing an essential item such as equipment to help someone with reduced mobility, property adaptation work which cannot be funded by local or central government, the replacement of an appliance or essential property maintenance.

Ongoing payments

By giving regular support where income is generally restricted or insufficient to meet higher than average costs resulting from, say, health conditions.

Financial help may be on an outright or charitable loan basis.

They administer the Paul Golmick and the CILA Benevolent Funds from their offices; making payments to the children of long serving insurance people as well as CILA members. Applications should be made in the same way as for support from The Insurance Charities.

Practical support and advice

By signposting individuals to specialist advice during difficult life events such as depression or loneliness as well as giving practical support to those with difficult health, money management and housing concerns.