Thu 28 Apr. 2022

Deputy President 2022: Oliver Watson

Dear Members,

It is an honour to have been asked by our President Nathan Harvey to be the Deputy President of the Insurance Institute of Ipswich, Suffolk and North Essex. Having begun my insurance journey in 2014 being trained by Nathan, I can vouch for his strong leadership, commitment to doing what is right and overall kind and intelligent nature! I would also like to thank Laura Blyth for her strong leadership and kind encouragement throughout the last two years. She has done a brilliant job and her theme of resilience could not have been more appropriate in what has certainly been an unforeseeable and unique couple of years!

For me, Council has been a great opportunity to meet other people within our industry and learn more about the different types of insurance products, develop soft skills and network. It is this that I believe makes being in insurance a great choice of career, as being an industry that is at the forefront of enabling risk to be managed safely and cost effectively, whilst also having some fun and learning along the way makes it that bit more wholesome!

Overall, it is a great honour to take on this role and I endeavour to give it my best for this upcoming year. Nathan’s theme of Insurance as a Community is an outstanding choice and reflects how we are all stakeholders in our area, institute and the CII overall. I look forward to hopefully meeting members in person at some of our upcoming events!