President's Message

Starting 2022 with lots of positively, I'm pleased to come into the role of president with a fresh and vibrant agenda, recognising the traditions of the Kendal chapter, but also pushing for a more modern and inclusive environment to work in.

My key priorities for 2022 include getting the CII local board more active and visible in both the insurance sector as well as the personal financial society. I would like to host at least one face-to-face networking/social event towards the end of summer and will look to get information out about this in the coming couple of months. With this new found visibility and energy for the council, I would like to inspire at least one new face to join our council board this year to help shape and steer our local offering whilst feeding into the national narrative. 

We have a fairly busy CPD programme for the current year and are looking to add more to this, so please, if you have any ideas or contribution, not matter how small, we would love to hear from you.

Looking forward to pushing forward with 2022 and moving further from the Covid-Lull that we have all felt.