WEBINAR: Utility extensions – a repeat of the pandemic expectation issues?

Wednesday, 01 December 2021
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
    • Damian Glynn BA (Hons), FCA, FCILA, FUEDI - ELAE, FIFAA, Director, Head of Financial Risks , Sedgwick International UK
    • Craig Ollier BA (Hons) , FCA, Senior Manager, Forensic Advisory Services , Sedgwick International UK

The FCA Test case showcased the range of different perceptions about the scope of disease cover. There are residual issues that are likely to litigate but we broadly know where we stand on the core issues. But misunderstandings about business extensions are not limited to disease covers – in particular, utility failure cover is provided generally on two fundamentally different bases (with a hybrid variant for good measure), threatens aggregation over a wide area if there were to be an extensive power outage, and would inevitably reveal misunderstandings about the extent to which the loss of internet sales might, or might not, be covered.

In the light of the above, this session will explore aspects of a power outage scenario and highlight the potential for further disputes mirroring that over covid-19.

Learning objectives

Attendees will:

  • Understand the different ways in which power failure is covered in the UK
  • Appreciate the difficulties that might present if there were to be an outage over a wide area
  • Be aware that the expectation issues arising out of covid-19 cover may not be unique, and be emboldened to pursue clarity in policy wordings


Damian has chaired the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters’ (CILA) Business Interruption group for over a decade. He regularly runs financial loss seminars, and has written various articles and books on the subject of Business Interruption. He is the co-editor of Riley on Business Interruption Insurance.

Craig has worked for Sedgwick for 10 years dealing with a range of Business Interruption matters during that time. Prior to working in insurance, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant in London working with a leading accountancy practice.

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in selling Business Interruption cover and managing Business Interruption claims.

  • Online

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