Wed 17 Jul. 2019

Vulnerable Customers Workshop

Read all about our recent workshop relating to Vulnerable Customers.

Have you ever had your car insurance renewal through by post or email and been phased at the thought of looking at alternative options online, or worried about whether an older relative will be able to get the travel insurance they need as they’ve got past medical issues to declare.

When you do searches for information online do you feel as if products are only designed to fit a particular person and if there is anything different about you then you’ll struggle. Now try to imagine how it must feel to deal with these problems if you are outside of the norm for some reason. What if you are living with Alzheimer’s and find it hard to understand the options available? What if you have poor eyesight and can’t read the small print? What if you have a learning disability and the papers use jargon that mean nothing to you?

Well the Leeds Insurance Institute in association with Change (the Learning Disability Charity), held a half day seminar and workshop to try to understand and experience by talking to individuals the difficulties that some people face day to day.

We also heard from Fiona Jones, Senior Manager: Risk and Regulation at Deloitte about the FCA 2019/2020 business plan and the challenges we face within the industry. To see Fiona's presentation please follow the link here.

A thoroughly rewarding day for all concerned to assist in understanding the challenges in this area and help start the process of change in our industry.