Wed 10 Nov. 2021

Professional Focus - Digital CPD

The CII has developed an introductory programme to help demystify ESG for Claims, Broking and Underwriting professionals, structured around the 3 key themes outlined in the below webinars.

Each theme will be explored in conversation with a group of experts and insurance professionals, live streamed and chaired by innovation and ESG expert, Shan Millie. There will also be a specially-produced 'video playbook' for each theme, bringing a diverse selection of expert views and accompanying notes.

See below list of events available.

Insurance and ESG: What do Stakeholders Think?

25 November 10:30 GMT

Focusing on stakeholders we investigate the insurance view on ESG and likely impacts for the sector over the next 18 months. How will ESG change the shape of Corporate Governance - and should you care? What can we learn from how investors view ESG and it's application to Financial Services?

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ESG Metrics: Who's Measuring What?

3 December 10:30 GMT

Reliable Data and benchmarks are essential to operationalise ESG, allowing firms to make informed choices and track performance. In a growing marketplace of over 600 competing methodologies , how do we know where to start, and how to choose? How far is Insurance already investigating or using ESG metrics?

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ESG and Insurance: What's Happening? - Now and Next

9 December 10:30 GMT

Insurance is sometimes labelled as being 'behind the curve' by people working in the sector, as well as commentators looking in from the outside. What does modern and effective ESG practice look like? What is actually happening across the sector, and what are the drivers and obstacles to making faster progress?

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