Webinar: E-scooters and computer assisted vehicles: the implications for insurance

Thursday, 17 June 2021
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
    • Matthew Avery, Director of Insurance Research, Thatcham Research

In support of the UK Government Transport Strategy, new mobility solutions like e-scooters are seen to offer flexibility and sustainable transport.

However, they are not necessarily a safe mode of transport and tests suggest today’s cars are not well designed to interact with e-scooters. Likewise, the Government is keen to introduce automation on UK motorways allowing the public to watch TV as the car drives for them.

Again, there are safety challenges; will the systems be safe, will drivers use them properly and will the public adopt them? And, how does the new strict liability regime operate under the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act?

Learning Objectives
By the end of this webinar members would have gained an insight into:
• E-scooters – what do we need to do to make them safe?
• Automation – when will it hit the roads and in what form?
• What does automation mean for UK motor insurers?

Matthew Avery is Director of Research at Thatcham Research. His current role involves liaison with Insurers, vehicle manufacturers, legislators and global NCAP initiatives in all aspects of crash testing, with a view to encouraging safer designs
and more cost effective vehicle repair. He has led much of the research work into ADAS testing, is a board member of Euro NCAP and has been pivotal in the definition of test procedures to evaluate Autonomous Emergency Braking Systems (AEB) – these tests now being integrated into the UK Insurance Group Rating system and Euro NCAP and include pedestrian and cyclist detection crashes. His latest work has
supported the development of new Lane Support and Junction Crash prevention
test procedures.

Matthew acts as a key technical advisor for the UK Insurers and works with the
Association of British Insurers advising in new assisted and automated driving
technology and its future implications feeding into new UK Government
Legalisation around autonomous cars.

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