Virtual Book Club

Monday, 28 February 2022
7:15 pm (UK time)

For our new theme we want our members to read a book of 200 pages or under to ease our way into 2022. Now is a great time to come along and meet other book loving individuals and share your short quick reads.

What happens at the book club:

A small group meet on a regular basis, we review a book of your own choice matching the chosen theme. Each person takes it in turn to review their book, good points and bad points, what we enjoyed and writing styles. We then choose the next theme and meeting date. It is a great opportunity to brush up your presentation skills, boost your confidence and network with new or existing contacts.

Options are more limited in terms of acquiring books but just to give you some electronic ideas a go, you could try:
• Kindle Books
• Audio Subscriptions such as Audible
• Free books online from places such as Project Gutenberg - Click here
• Here is a link to a borrowing website linked to Leeds Libraries.

If anyone wants a quick chat about how things will run or any thoughts on the future for the book club feel free to get in touch with President Melanie Jordan via LinkedIn.

Zoom link details will be received with your booking confirmation. We ask for you to choose a book in this theme and inform the office with your choice, via your booking.