CPD Webinar - Keeping & growing your book in uncertain times.

Thursday, 02 July 2020
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
    • David Wrathall, Managing Director, Boston Tullis
    • Richard Higham, Managing Directcor, SalesLevers Group


We all know the market is changing and the global economy is in flux. Many industries will be facing uncertainty. The insurance market is no different. If you are asking yourself any of these questions this webinar is for you.

1. How should I segment my client base and identify sectors and client groups who are under threat or offer growth opportunities?

2. How do I make sure I am going to the right market with the right message in the future?

3. Which of my clients base am I likely to lose to insolvency and how will this affect my business?

4. Which of my client base will struggle to get cover and how can I arrange this? What opportunities will this provide my business?

This practical interactive webinar and accompanying interactive tools will give you the opportunity to

1. Assess your level of client-facing activity.

2. Understand whether you are concentrating your efforts on the right people and the right solutions.

3. Consider how effective you are being in what you are doing.

Whether you are focussed on your own book as an account executive or the wider challenges facing the firm you will find the comments and conversation stimulating, the concepts grounded and applicable and the tools useful and productive.

Learning Objectives:

● A practical step by step process to make sure you are doing enough client contact.

● A checklist to ensure you are talking to the right people, about the right things.

● A self-assessment to be confident that you have what it takes to be effective in a changing market.


David Wrathall, Boston Tullis, has spent 37 years in the insurance industry. He has held roles as diverse as Regional Managing Director, Sales Director, Change Director and Integration director in two major consolidators and a WAM company.

Richard Higham, speaks, writes, consults, coaches and trains on winning, growing and keeping clients. He is the Managing Director of SalesLevers Group and was the global head of the financial sector in the world’s largest sales performance company.

CII Accredited

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