Tue 10 Dec. 2019

Insurance Institute of Liverpool 2019 Awards

Young Achiever of the Year Award
This award is open to any company to nominate their employee (s) - under the age of 35 years - who has achieved something of significance in the last year. Please complete the nomination form with details of the nominee and a short description of their achievement. Any further evidence that can be given to support the application will help judge the winner
We are looking for someone who has made the most positive contribution to the insurance profession in Liverpool during 2019. This can be through exam success or business related, for example customer care, claims settlement or business acquisition.
If you feel you have more than one outstanding young person, please submit further forms.

Liverpool Institute Exceptional Service Award
This award recognises an individual for the exceptional service provided to the Liverpool Insurance Institute. This award does not relate just to 2019, it can span many years
The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) locally is served incredibly well by countless volunteers, CII members – people that you will know who play their part and give up their time be it at local institute level, national level or the wider industry.
The award recognises those individuals who make a difference to their local institute by demonstrating outstanding dedication, making a significant contribution in areas such as training, development, the enhancement of professionalism and overall commitment to their local institute.
The award is available to all CII members who have demonstrated a commitment to the CII, or PFS, at a local level.
Please bear in mind that the award should not be seen or viewed as a retirement gift or acknowledgement of long service as that alone will not warrant an award. Nominations of members regardless of age but who have achieved something worthy of recognition are very welcome.
Please note that all nominations must be submitted using the application forms available along with a covering letter and any supporting evidence.

If further information is required for either award please contact Tracy Evans at the Institute Office. Closing date is Friday 9th January 2020 - No entries after this date will be accepted.
Forms are available on our website or alternatively you can request a form by contacting the Institute Office liverpoolinstitute@cii.co.uk

Both awards will be presented at our Annual Dinner on Friday 24th January 2019. Reservations for this event can be made on our website

Tracy Evans