Mon 11 Jan. 2021

Healthier Habits that Last Webinar

The Insurance Institute of Liverpool welcomed Declan Doyle, from Health@Work, who talked to our members about building healthier habits, which was nice and timely given many of us are trying to keep our new year resolutions going!

Declan is a Nutrition, Exercise and Behavioural Scientist. He has over 10 years of industry experience gained within an educational and high performance environment, holding a variety of Lecturing, Coaching and Well-being roles. He is focused on the development of well-being programmes that deliver a healthy return on investment across a range of business sectors.

Declan spoke to us about how habits good or bad form the health behaviours we currently have. In order to change an understanding of how habits are formed and how we can reshape the triggers of behaviour to work for us and not against us is vital for long term behaviour change.

During the session we looked at:

- The habit loop system

- The neuroscience of habit change

- Building new and breaking old habits

- Setting up your habit system

- Powering up for long term change

Declan has made his ‘cheat sheet’ available for our members, which can be downloaded below.

We hope all of those who attended found the webinar useful and were able to take away some useful tips to make positive changes!

Phil Beattie