Building Resilience and Setting Boundaries, For Good Mental Wellbeing

Zoom- Webinar
Thursday, 15 October 2020
10:00 am – 11:00 am
    • Claire Russell ,Founder and CEO - Mental Health in Business

Building Resilience and Setting Boundaries, For Good Mental Wellbeing

By Claire Russell Founder and CEO - Mental Health in Business

Claire is CEO and one of the founders of MHIB - and her vision is to lead a global shift in mental health in the workplace. With her fellow directors she is passionate about helping to effect change, break down taboos and open up the conversation about mental health.
Aside from the work that she does in MHIB, she is a prolific speaker - speaking candidly about her own experiences with mental illness. She continues to be a committed volunteer, giving much of her time to her local Samaritans branch.
Claire also has a long standing career in the insurance industry- she has been leading insurance businesses for over 20 years and brings this valuable business and industry experience to the work that she and her team does with their many corporate clients.

Thursday 15th October : 10.00am - 11.00am


Resilience is key to good mental health and success in business/at work. In this session Claire will be looking at how we can develop resilience in ourselves, in our teams and in our businesses; to help us now, as we begin to think about the transition back into the workplace and into whatever the new normal may be. She will share some practical advice and tools to help you to build your own resilience and to use with your team, including how to set appropriate boundaries.

Learning objectives.

• To understand the impact of the pandemic and lockdown on mental health
• To understand the meaning of resilience
• To learn how to develop resilience
• To learn how to develop resilient teams
• To understand how to set appropriate boundaries

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