7 Steps Formula on How to Develop Your Authentic Personal Brand for Confidence, Impact and Influence

Zoom- Webinar
Tuesday, 27 April 2021
11:00 am – 12:00 pm
    • Inga Ezera

27th April 11:00am to 12:00pm


The biggest thing that differentiates you is who you really are. People work with people. People don’t work with companies. They don’t do business with products or services. They don't hire products or services.

The way people present themselves conveys so much of who they are and what they value. Only when you feel people’s heart, when you feel what they believe and what they value, that’s when you make a choice you want to work with them.

That is why Inga Ezera is so passionate about empowering you to develop your personal brand, self awareness and clarity on how you best deliver value for others, so you can do more of that enjoyably.

Based on extensive research, professional experience and coaching & mentoring clients results, Inga has created the “7 Step Personal Brand Development Formula” that helps you develop your personal brand. Personal branding tools and strategies enhances sharing your message and creating visibility and credibility to get noticed for a great job you do and recognized for your added value and contribution developing your team and business.

Learning objectives

• Discover how to build your personal brand to achieve your professional goals easier.
• Learn 7 steps personal brand building formula and practically implement it during the session.
• Discover how to clarify your value so that you can position yourself with a greater impact.
• Get inspired on why developing your personal brand builds your professional confidence, generates recognition and attracts the right professional opportunities.
• Discover top 5 recommendations in career advancement.

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About our speaker

Inga Ezera – Leadership, Personal Brand Impact, Business & Performance Culture development partner
• A highly experienced senior team mentor / coach / facilitator who has more than 25 years of experience working with professionals, middle level and senior leaders at an international level in different countries and cultural contexts.
• The founder and development partner of Success Engine Ltd and the author of The Success Planner book, a professionally-qualified, experienced and highly-esteemed expert in leadership development, personal impact and performance management.
• Her experience includes employer branding and communication enhancement to develop your business, leadership team or your employees’ performance. She is an empowering and inspirational leadership development, personal and employer branding partner who facilitates mentoring programms, seminars and workshops locally and globally.
• Drawing on her rich experience leading human resources departments, building and developing board level leadership teams and influencing business and leadership team performance across a number of global, diverse markets, such as Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Central, Eastern and Western Europe and the UK Inga will offer her unique energy and enthusiasm to help you advance your personal and business leadership and performance culture.

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