MCA Lecture: Driverless Cars

Thursday, 07 November 2019

Manchester Claims Association

Venue is Manchester Hall, 36 Bridge Street, Manchester from 12:15pm

Presented by:

David Williams – Managing Director, Underwriting & Technical Services – AXA Insurance

The future of road transport and the implications for insurers

At the end of the event you will;

  • Have gained an understanding of some of the Government backed consortia and why AXA & other insurers are involved in
  • Seen how the UK Insurance industry is responding and the workings of the ABI
  • Understand details of the governments work with regard to making Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAV's) a reality for the
  • Be aware of Possible Timelines for the various stages of Driver assistance systems moving through to fully autonomous
  • Have discussed possible impacts of CAV's on the current insurance market, including changes to Motor and Public/Products Liability

This is a third party event which may be of interest to our members, organised by Manchester Claims Association.

Please email or contact on Tony Morrissey at 9 St John Street Chambers 0161 955 5176.