Women in Manchester Insurance Network - Mentor Scheme

Friday, 18 October 2019

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The Women In Manchester Insurance Network is proud to announce their first Mentoring Scheme, providing a unique external mentoring opportunity for the industries talent.

The 5-topic programme, over 9 months brings together industry leaders, future leaders and rising stars to provide support for factors that directly impact your careers – with focus on personal development rather than Insurance knowledge.

The scheme will split successful applicants into two tiers; Future Leaders and Rising Stars.

Future Leaders should be established in their current role (5-10 years), eager to progress within the sector and would find access to Industry Leaders beneficial. Alongside this, Future Leaders should be looking to develop their own abilities by providing mentoring to the Rising Stars, sharing experiences and providing advice as well as a contact point for future support.

Rising Stars applicants should be entry level into the industry with little to no experience (0-4 years) but striving for a career within the Insurance market, looking to benefit from mentorship from Future Leaders by drawing on their experiences to help guide the next steps of their career journey.

The scheme will provide two sessions for each topic on a bi-monthly basis; a breakfast session for the Industry and Future Leaders and an afternoon session for the Future Leaders and Rising Stars. Sessions will focus on topics such as Work Life Balance and Resilience.

To apply for this fantastic opportunity please complete one of the application forms below for either the rising star group or future leaders group based on the above criteria and return to lii.manchester@cii.co.uk by 5pm on Friday 18th October.

Please note each applicant should be able to attend a session on the following dates;

November 7th 2019
January 9th 2020
March 5th 2020
May 14th 2020
July 9th 2020

Please note if applying for the Future Leaders scheme you will be expected to attend two 1 hour sessions on the January, March and May dates.

Future Leaders will be needed in the morning for a 1 hour session approx. start time 8:30am in the city centre. Afternoon for a 1 hour session from 4pm/4:30pm.
Rising Stars will be needed in the morning for a 1 hour session approx. start time 8:30am.

Sessions will be hosted in Manchester city centre.

Due to the time commitment required, written approval from each applicant’s line manager will be required as part of the application.

Applicants will be notified by Friday 25th October 2019.

This is a unique opportunity for the industry to pull together to support our rising talent to ensure we are developing a strong foundation that underlies a successful career.