Long Range Weather Forecasting and Insurance

Friends Meeting House
Tuesday, 18 February 2020
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
    • Piers Corbyn, Weather Action

We’re delighted to welcome Piers Corbyn to Manchester to present to our members.

As the industry becomes increasingly data and analytics driven Piers will offer an insight into how he and his company, Weather Action, look to accurately predict long range weather patterns and how this information can be applied in an insurance context.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the session, delegate will explore:
- What drives the weather and climate
- Methods and reality of long range weather forecasting
- Application of long range weather forecasting to insurance

Speaker Biography
Piers Corbyn is a leading pioneer of long-range weather and climate forecasting; founder and Director of WeatherAction.

MSc (Astrophysics) ARCS (also elected FRAS* FRMetS*)
Royal Scholarship to Imperial college Physics 1965 - 1st class degree Physics & Theoretical Physics 1968
Msc Astrophysics Queen Mary College University of London.
*Elected Fellow of Royal Astronomical Society and Fellow/Corporate Member (WeatherAction) of Royal Meteorological Society.

Published Scientific papers on;
(i)Prior to 1968 from work while still at school:- Meteorological instrumentation; The eccentricity of Earth’s Orbit; The size & shape of Pebbles on Chesil beach;
(ii) Later: Cosmic String-Loop Theory of Galaxy formation; Mean matter density of the Universe and neutrino mass; Meteorological parameters & Infra-red absorbing (greenhouse) gases and most recently (2019) on Climate Change via the University of Reading Debating Society.

Previous Presentations
Many presentations in the UK and internationally including:- Russian Academy of Sciences 2004; New York, Colorado and Imperial College 2008; GAFTA – Grain and Feed Trades Association - conference in Geneva May 2013; IAOM (International Association of Operative Millers) Tunisia Nov 2013; Paris Alternative Climate Challenge Dec 2015 and appeared afterwards on BBC Andrew Neil show; Geneva Cereals-Commodity Trading April 2016; London International Climate Change Conference Sept 2016; Porto Climate conference 2018 (2 papers) and presented at the German Parliament Environment committee Nov 2019.

About WeatherAction
His business was floated on the London Stock Exchange (AIM) in 1997 as WeatherAction Holdings plc around his Solar Weather Technique of long-range forecasting (then mainly for Britain & Ireland) and since de-listed and has undergone - and is undergoing - various transformations alongside advances in forecasting techniques.

Piers' breakthroughs in Solar-lunar magnetic effects make it possible for him to uniquely predict general weather developments and certain extreme events on Earth (and aspects of related effects in the sun and ionosphere) from months ahead down to specific regions and time definition of a few days with 85% success rate and also contributed to earthquake understanding and risk prediction through trail forecasts. The significant skill of his forecasts has been verified in peer-reviewed publications, a long series of Weather bets with William Hill and internal assessments by customers.

Major forecast successes include the extremely wet with floods (“non-barbecue”) summers and developments through them in Britain & Ireland of 2007, 08 and 09; the cold snowy winters of 08/09 and 09/10; the coldest December for 100 years in Britain 2010; the deluges of the missing summer of 2012 and the snowy blasts in Britain, Europe and USA in winter 2012-13; very significant storms hitting South Britain & N/W Europe late Oct 2013 and late Dec 2015; and the unusually warm long summer of 2018.

  • Friends Meeting House
  • 6 Mount Street
  • Manchester
  • M2 5NS
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