Fast Track ACII Application

Friday, 17 June 2022
5:00 pm (UK time)

Deadline Monday, 6th June 2022 at 5:00 pm (UK time)

We have teamed up with Insurance Training Partnership (ITP) to offer you the chance to join a course specifically designed to help you pass your Advanced Diploma (ACII) qualification in 2 years.

We are looking for people who have already completed their Diploma (Dip CII) qualification (or almost) and haven’t yet started the pathway to ACII. Perhaps you don’t know where to start, or it has been several years since you completed the Diploma and you just never got moving again.

This course at the end of June 2022 and is going to cover 5 core areas of the ACII syllabus; Advanced Claims, Insurance Broking, Advanced Underwriting, Risk Management and Marketing.

Over a 2 year period you will receive 15 full days workshops, three for each subject. There will also be one to one sessions with tutors and mentors to give you support and help as required.

With this programme you will be able to cut down on the amount of study time needed to crack the coursework, whilst working with a group of people who are going through the same subjects, and at the end achieving your qualification.

Entry Criteria and Costs:

  • You don't need to be a CII member to apply, but you will need to join ASAP to sign up for the coursework.
  • You should have finished your Diploma, or have completed at least one of the compulsory subjects (M05 /P05 Insurance Law or P92/ M92 Business and Finance), with the other underway.
  • You can work in any area of the insurance industry.
  • This application should be supported by your line manager and employer, however if they don't, please explain how you will overcome this hurdle.
  • You/your employer has to pay for the CII coursework entry fees, study material, membership fees and any travel costs you may incur along with a £500 non-refundable contribution to the cost of the course.

Points to Consider:

  • You need to be serious and committed to attaining this qualification. We are only taking a small number of people on this course and want them all to pass.
  • You will not be told the answers to the coursework and you work won’t be reviewed by the mentors. You are still expected to study but this course will help you understand what the examiner is looking for and allow you to cut down on study time.
  • You are expected to attend all of the sessions and dates are given in advance for these. We fully appreciate that you will have a busy job and life, but these dates will not be rearranged.
  • All courses will be held virtually
  • The programme will start in June 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions:

'Is this programme open to members outside of the Manchester institute?'

Yes, as long as you are able to attend the sessions in Manchester and fully commit to the dates within the programme.

'When will the dates for the sessions be released?'

The schedule for the programme will be confirmed and sent out to the successful candidates once we have confirmed your place.

'I am due to complete one of the compulsory diploma modules, can I still apply?'

We are happy to accept anyone who is working on their last modules of the diploma and expects to pass the subject by the start of the third Quarter.

'I have already completed some of the ACII modules and therefore only need to complete 2/3/4 of the remaining modules. Can I still apply?'

We still encourage you to apply, however if we receive applications from candidates who have not yet competed any ACII modules, they may make a more eligible candidate as they will benefit more from this programme.

How to enter:
1. Check that you meet the entry criteria and contact us if unsure about anything.
2. Download the application form below and complete it.
3. Email it to

Please make sure that all of your details are completed so that we can contact you. All candidates will be notified whether they have been successful during


The launch event for the successful candidates will be 10-1130 am on 15th June 2022, this event will also be held virtually.

Closing date for applications is Monday 6th June 2022