Mon 15 Jun. 2020

Insurance Charities: Providing a lifeline in troubled waters

Over the last few weeks, we’ll have all witnessed or even experienced how unforeseen events can impact on our lives. Fortunately, extreme situations such as the Covid 19 pandemic are few and far between, and it’s rare that so many are impacted in this way. However, as we all know adversity can hit any of us at any point, and much like the Coronavirus, we aren’t prepared for the way an unexpected situation can turn lives upside down. The Insurance Charities offers practical and financial support to make sure no insurance employee (past or present) misses out on any help they might need to steer them through a period of hardship. The Insurance Charities can provide one-off payments to help fund essential items such as property repairs, household appliances, care home costs and mobility aids. We also provide on-going financial support where income is restricted or insufficient, and offer practical support to those with health, money and housing concerns. For more advice and information, email or call 020 7606 3763 Or visit the following link: