Line Managers Talking Menopause - Webinar

Wednesday, 19 June 2024
11:00 am – 1:00 pm (UK time)
    • Jeanette Forder, CEO & Founder, Phoenix Wellness Coaching
    • Lisa Watson, Founder, Watson's Health

Line Managers Talking Menopause

Who should attend this workshop?

All managers and leaders, ensuring they have the knowledge, skills and confidence to support colleagues around menopause. Taking learning beyond awareness to practical application, participants will also gain an understanding of the potential impact of menopause symptoms within the workplace and build confidence to have supportive conversations when needed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding why organisations need to support menopause in the workplace.
  • Understanding what menopause is, why it happens, and when it happens.
  • Recognising and understanding menopause symptoms and their impact on colleagues at work.
  • Understanding the different approaches to managing menopause at work and feeling confident supporting colleagues.
  • Understanding their responsibilities in supporting menopause at work and what workplace adjustments might support a colleague experiencing menopause.
  • Building confidence in talking about menopause at work and holding supportive conversations with colleagues about their menopause needs.


  • Managers Checklist to support menopause conversations with colleagues.

Speaker bios

Jeanette Forder

I’m Jeanette, a 58 year old post-menopausal woman and part of the Fifty-Something Fem-preneur movement. I’ve been married to my hubby, Andrew, for 37 years and share our home with our cat, Duchess and cocker spaniel puppy, Louie. We live in Chatham in Kent and love to take walks in the local woods to keep ourselves fit.

I’m the Founder and CEO of Phoenix Wellness Coaching, a company specialising in helping women to thrive through all the stages of menopause. I set up my company in October 2020 after experiencing a long and at times difficult perimenopause, which ultimately drove me to change careers leaving my safe corporate HR role in the middle of the pandemic to go it alone.

With 20 years’ experience as a Senior HR Business Partner and a Coach, working closely with, advising and challenging senior teams to build an engaged and inclusive culture where staff can thrive and perform to their highest level, I’m able to translate my own experience into useful advice for other senior managers to help them to build a sustainable, and resilient workforce that respects diversity and harnesses the power of difference at every employee’s life stage.

My mission is simply to help thousands of women to change their lives for the better. I want to empower women through knowledge about menopause so they can ace this stage of their lives and embrace the many opportunities that this transition can open for them. Menopause doesn’t have to be a nightmare so long as you’re armed with the information and knowledge you need and the practical tools to help you to overcome the challenges that may arise.

Whilst my focus is on helping women, I also support men and employers. I believe we need to get better at understanding and supporting women so they can continue to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives. I’ve been there and understand what it takes to thrive through menopause. I want to share what I’ve learnt so all women can have the magnificent midlife they desire and deserve.

I’m a fully accredited wellness and life coach and Senior Member of the Association of Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists (ACCPH).

Lisa Watson

I qualified in 1989 as a Registered Nurse at Guys Hospital London.

My career path started in Acute Elderly Medicine for 1 year, then A&E for 14 years, and since 2003 I have been working in NHS General Practice in Primary Care as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. I am an independent nurse prescriber.

As a professional I have always had a special interest in women’s health and wellbeing, with consultations regarding women’s specific health related problems making up a large part of my NHS day. I am also a coil and contraceptive implant fitter.

It was when I started to battle with symptoms of the perimenopause myself, that I truly learnt the value of knowledge about this transition, and the treatments that can help if needed. My personal experiences made me determined to become a Menopause Specialist so that I could provide top quality care and advice to all women, at every stage of their menopause journey.

I trained with the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health and now hold the Advanced Certificate of Menopause Care which is recognised by the British Menopause Society. It was my passion to also open my own Menopause Clinic, and Watson Health Menopause Clinic opened November 2022 in Rainham Kent.

I operate this clinic part time, and still have my NHS job which I love. I also have an honorary contract and work at Guys Hospital Menopause Clinic once every 1-2 months seeing patients.

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