WEBINAR: Life Lessons from the Road and the Performance Mindset

Wednesday, 26 May 2021
10:00 am – 11:00 am (UK time)
    • Joe Barr

What is performance mind-set? How do you create it and how do you maintain it when faced with challenges, especially when you or your team are already weary from daily efforts? These are questions that every organisation, business leader and team grapples with.

Over hundreds of thousands of miles, Joe Barr has explored the intricacies of what mind-set keeps him moving forward and what mind-set diminishes his performance. Much of that exploration has occurred in the dark hours and the discipline of learning to ride through the night or nights without sleep. Joe's ability to cultivate and maintain a performance mind-set is renowned in the global endurance community.

The team must also perform under equally difficult conditions whilst supporting Joe's constant forward momentum over intense race miles. He provides insight and wisdom on collective performance mind-set that will help organisations and teams cope under pressure, develop awareness and avoid the pitfalls that are inevitable the further you travel.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this event the delegate will be able to understand:

  • What a performance mind-set is
  • How to create a performance mind-set
  • How to maintain a performance mind-set when faced with challenges.

Biography: Joe Barr

Joe Barr has been racing bikes his whole life. He is a 1986 Commonwealth Games medalist and has amassed hundreds of medals and trophies in different cycling disciplines throughout a 46+ year time span.

He retired from a successful mainstream cycling career only to return to racing bikes in 2009, in the then emerging discipline of ultra-endurance, a response to his 6 month old son being diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma.

Moving through the cancer journey with his son taught Joe everything he needed to know about endurance. That, coupled with his passion for bikes has made him a top global competitor, competing and winning the world’s toughest ultra-endurance cycling races.

Endurance cycling is about overcoming obstacles, it’s about finding a way to keep moving forward when everything says ‘stop’, it’s about radical teamwork and trust, mindset and adaptation. Does he fail at times? Of course he does, that’s an essential part of growth.

At 60 years old, Joe is still creating age defying performances. His lessons from the road are unforgettable, and as a speaker he is skilled in inspiring and motivating teams and businesses to overcome, to endure, to go further.​

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