Thu 3 Jun. 2021

Employer support to tackle domestic abuse launched to insurance industry

Launched this week exclusively to the insurance industry, the Toolkit can be adopted by any organisation including charities and public sector bodies irrespective of their size.

The Charity is proud to have funded the update, driven by a recognition that the world of work, and awareness of domestic abuse, have changed in the three years since its original publication. Covid-19 has accelerated these changes, and so along with Business in the Community, Public Health England, and the Employers’ Initiative on Domestic Abuse, the Insurance Charities took action.

The Toolkit provides business leaders, senior managers, HR, occupational health, and anyone involved with the health and wellbeing of staff with the information, resource, examples, and confidence to play their part in tackling abuse, raising awareness, and supporting their staff.

With one in four women and one in six men experiencing domestic abuse in their lifetime, employers have an important role to play in society’s response to this crime. Never more so than now in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic which has seen an exponential shift to working from home.

For those experiencing abuse, the workplace often offers a safe space and a respite away from their abuser. According to Refuge calls to helplines have increased by 61% since lockdown began.

Please share with colleagues and those in your professional networks.