ETF's - What You Need To Know

Belgrave Rooms, Nottingham
Wednesday, 21 October 2015
12:15 pm – 2:00 pm (UK time)

An hours Free CPD session on all you need to know about ETF's.

Andrew Walker, Business Development Manager (East Midlands), Vanguard will take you through this session organised by Nottingham Insurance Institute

Learing Outcomes

· Describe what an ETF is.
· Understand how they work.
· Understand the role ETFs can play for clients.
· Describe the regulator’s position regarding ETFs post-RDR.
· Describe the future of the ETF market in the UK.
· Understand and describe ETFs as compared to OEICs, Unit Trusts and Investment Trusts.
· Have a basic understanding of differences between the four fund types in terms of pricing, trading, access, and investment style and tax wrappers.
· Describe the structure of the market for ETFs, both primary and secondary.
· Understand the role of primary and secondary market participants.
· Describe the basics of the process by which primary market participants create and redeem ETF shares.
· Understand how ETFs trade and are priced on the stock exchange.
· Describe the difference between a ‘physical’ and ‘synthetic’ ETF.
· Describe the differences in the cost structure between ETFs and traditional index funds.
· Understand the ‘breakeven point’ when related to ETF costs and investment time horizon.
· Evaluate the potential benefits and considerations of ETFs related to savings style and time horizon.
· Understand how ETFs can be used in client portfolios for construction, diversification and rebalancing.
· Understanding the basics of how ETF returns are taxed from the client perspective.
· Know how the basics of accessing and trading ETFs on behalf of advised clients.
· Understand some unique questions you’ll need to ask as part of an ETF due diligence process.
· Understand the tax treatment of ETFs from the investor perspective and their basic similarity to more traditional fund structures.
· Describe the importance of fund domicile and reporting status to a UK investor’s tax treatment.
· Understand which ETFs can be included in UK tax wrappers.
· Understand the different types of underlying 'investment engine' ETFs.
· Understand the importance of cost in ETF selection.
· Understand different types of index replication methods.
· Understand securities lending, including the methodologies and possible risks.


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  • Belgrave Rooms
  • 25 Goldsmith Street
  • Nottingham
  • NG1 5LB
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