Cert to Diploma Programme 2021/2022

Following the success of the fast track initiatives supporting learning to obtain Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications, The institute of Perth and Dundee are delighted to announce that applications are now open for 2021/2022 course and will include extended Scottish Institutes (Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Inverness and the Highlands)

This programme offers members the opportunity to benefit from an invaluable study course specifically designed to support students in attaining qualifications through structured group learning. Applications are now open to all members who are looking to progress their studies in the following areas:

Certificate to Diploma

Over 15 months the institute will hold 16 full day online workshops, providing tuition and mentoring to support candidates in completion of the required credits to obtain a Diploma.

  • Commercial Property & Business Interruption
  • Claims Practice
  • Law
  • Business and Finance

Please note that all workshops are compulsory and due to the avoidance or possibility of plagiarism there will be no slides or notes available from the trainer for any sessions, therefore delegates must attend in person.

With this programme, you will be able to cut down on the amount of study time needed to crack the coursework, whilst working with a group of people who are going through the same subjects, and at the end achieving your Dip.

Entry criteria...

  • You must be a CII member
  • You should have preferably achieved relevant qualification by the start date of the study course ie Cert in respect of Diploma course
  • You work within the profession
  • Your application should be supported by your line manager / employer
  • You (or your employer) will be required to pay for coursework entry fees, study materials, travel costs and any additional costs incurred in the failure to complete the course.

Points to consider...

  • You need to be serious and committed to attaining your qualification. Whilst this removes a lot of the work it still requires a lot of work from you
  • You are expected to attend all workshops (virtually)
  • You are expected to maintain the pace of the course and submit coursework within specified timelines.
  • Qualifications must be attained within 6 months of completion of the course.
  • The institute reserves the rights to recover costs for non-attendance/completion from you or your employer in the event that you fail to complete the course.

Want to enrol?

Applying could not be easier; simply check that you meet the entry criteria then fill in the application form that can be found below.

Completed application forms should be mailed to:

Closing date 29th October 2021