President's Message

Welcome to the Insurance Institute of Peterborough (IIP) website.

If you'd have told me even a year ago that I would be sitting here frantically searching for inspiration whilst spewing out my half-baked attempt at a president's message; I would have laughed in your face...

Yet here we are! I am delighted, honoured and frankly astounded to be serving as the President of the Insurance Institute of Peterborough for the next two terms.

My shock and awe aside, the importance of local institutes cannot be overstated. As the insurance and financial services industries accelerate into a future of constant evolution, technological advancement and unceasing competition; staff need the right tools to stay abreast of the curve.

This is where local institutes come in. Our prime directive is to support continuous professional development using a wide array of methods, typically comprising:

  • Technical, market and regulatory CPD events
  • Soft skills and business-related training
  • Social and networking activities
  • Student career guidance and mentoring
  • Local news and market information

Peterborough is no exception and we have begun in style. The IIP has a strong council of committed members who have prepared a varied programme for 2019/2020 combining technical material, soft skill development and social events. Attendees of Jeff Heasman's fully-booked (yes I'm ignoring the four cancellations) soft skills CPD event on effective communication will know that we mean business. Jeff delighted us with an engaging and thought-provoking session that had key messages for all to take away. 

I wouldn't be President without having term objectives:

  • Creating and growing an effective social media presence
  • Greater engagement with young insurance professionals
  • Building for the future with a strong and stable (Thanks Theresa) IIP council
  • Hosting my first Annual Dinner without making a fool of myself

They might well be considered baby steps, however the wheels are well in motion for the first two.

We could do with some help with the third. All local council members are volunteers, without whom we would not be able to provide a vital resource to the local insurance market. We are always on the lookout for individuals who either want to give something back to the community, make new contacts through networking or just have a bit of fun! If you want to develop using a resource outside of your day job you could do a LOT worse than getting involved.

I have saved the best until last. 7th February 2020 brings about the 88th Insurance Institute of Peterborough Annual Dinner. This is set to be a fantastic event that anyone would enjoy. It's being held at the beautiful Orton Hall and is set to be a memorable evening with a surprise or two in store! More details are imminent but until they fly out of our printing press you'll have to console yourselves with saving the date.

That being said, I feel it necessary to share a tidbit of the master plan. I was adamant that as part of the dinner, I wanted to bring back the IIP Awards. We will therefore be presenting individuals from the local insurance community with recognition of their studying success. As part of this we are giving local businesses the opportunity to sponsor these awards and get their brand(s) up in lights. If you want to be part of this please contact either myself or our Secretary, Robert Weald. Again, more information will be provided when the formal invitation is released.

It's getting to the stage where this could be construed as an incoherent ramble; especially considering I have almost finished a whole beer whilst typing. With that in mind I will wrap things up by saying that this is an exciting time for me personally and for the IIP. I look forward to meeting as many of you as I possibly can in the near future.

Chris Boggis

President, Insurance Institute of Peterborough