Workshop - A Day of Motor Insurance: All you need to know in a nutshell

Wednesday, 09 December 2020
9:00 am – 3:00 pm
    • Alan Chandler


Webinar Event - Full Day Workshop on Motor Insurance - All You Need To Know In A Nutshell

This full day training course is scheduled as follows. You can choose to sign up for the whole day by booking on this page, or you can choose individual sessions to attend by clicking on the relevant links below and booking on the respective event pages.

9-11am An overview of Motor insurance explaining the fundamentals of the different covers and the rating factors
11-1130am Break
11.30 - 1pm An overview of Motor Fleet insurance
1-1.30pm Break
1.30 - 3pm An overview of Motor Trade insurance


9-11am An overview of Motor insurance


We all purchase motor insurance for ourselves, and most brokers place it for their clients in some shape way or form, but how much do we really know about motor insurance? It has become so automated that many broker and insurer staff have forgotten the details of the cover, and some have never even been taught about the coverage. This is the opportunity to refresh and learn about this essential cover.

A generation back, most people's first taste of insurance was writing out cover notes and working through manual rating guides forcing staff to understand component parts of motor cover. This has now been replaced by big data and automation, meaning fewer and fewer people have retained knowledge of this key cover.

This webinar is presented by Alan Chandler, who is one of the most popular insurance presenters in the UK. Alan will go through the key component parts of a motor policy and it will include looking at what is actually covered under the main cover options. He will also explore how rating is evolving with big data which will transform the way motor insurance is rated.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand how third party motor cover operates;
• Understand how fire, theft and comprehensive motor cover operates;
• Understand the main exclusions of a motor policy;
• Understand how rating of motor insurance is evolving.

This presentation is suitable for insurers, brokers, handlers, underwriters, loss adjusters and claims staff alike - for those who need to learn about/have a refresher on the basics of motor insurance.

11.30 - 1pm Motor Fleet Insurance – All you need to know in a nutshell


There are fewer and fewer insurance staff specialising in motor fleet insurance, meaning that the knowledge of this essential cover is reducing. This webinar is about giving broking and insurer staff an opportunity to learn or refresh their knowledge around motor fleet insurance.

This webinar, presented by Alan Chandler, will go through what fleet policies cover, how they are rated including what is meant by a vehicle year and explore important extras like occasional business use cover and how this differs from contingent liability. Alan will also explore why spotting claims trends and implementing risk management is so vital in the world of motor fleet coverage.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand the main components of motor fleet covers;
• Understand extensions including occasional business use and contingent liability;
• Understand how fleets are rated;
• Understand why spotting claims trends and implementing risk management is so vital in fleet insurance.

This presentation is suitable for insurers, brokers, handlers, underwriters, loss adjusters and claims staff alike - for those who need to learn about/have a refresher on understanding motor fleet insurance.

1.30 - 3pm An overview of Motor Trade insurance


This webinar will be delivered by one of the UK's leading insurance presenters, Alan Chandler. The presentation will provide an overview of the main covers for a Motor Trader and where brokers make mistakes when setting up covers. Alan will explore the background as to why the motor trade market is hardening so badly and why rates will continue to rise. The presentation will also look into how a broker can help clients by getting motor traders to focus more on risk management.

The presentation will be in a webinar format where delegates will be able to ask Alan questions at the end.

Learning Objectives

• Understand why the Motor Trade market is hardening;

• Understand the main insurance covers for Motor Traders and how to avoid making mistakes when setting up covers;

• Understand why Motor Traders need to focus far more on risk management.

This presentation is suitable for brokers, underwriters, claims staff and loss adjusters. Even if you are not actually involved with motor trade, the presentation will still have relevance to anyone involved with broking, underwriting or dealing with claims on any high risk class of business.

Speaker Biography
Alan Chandler has undertaken operational management roles in three major global companies: NatWest Insurance Services, RBS Insurance Group and Allianz Insurance. He has run underwriting, broking and claims functions. Eleven years ago he set up his own training company, something that he had always longed to do as he is passionate about training. Since then he has trained well over a thousand people to become ACII qualified including six individuals who have achieved the best ACII completion in the whole of the United Kingdom. He has also trained many national prize winners. Alan has delivered training for almost all the local insurance institutes in the UK over the past few years, with his enthusiastic presenting style proving very popular. He is one of the few individuals who can teach at all levels of the CII examinations, and teaches almost all certificate, diploma and advanced diploma subjects. He is also one of the few people who can take someone from Certificate all the way through to fully qualified ACII and his pass rates exceed 96%. Alan has presented across Europe on many technical subjects to companies including Allianz, Zurich, Aon, Marsh and Willis. He has been involved in the setting up of many diploma and advanced diploma programmes in both the UK and Ireland and is driven by a passion to see increased professionalism within the insurance industry.

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