Impossible Thinking Seminar-24.1.19

Novotel Reading Conference Centre
Thursday, 24 January 2019
12:00 pm – 2:30 pm
    • Ian Rowland , The Home of Magic Ltd

This is a structured seminar on practical thinking skills that can
have a profound effect on your business success. It’s about
tackling apparently ‘impossible’ problems, and achieving seemingly
‘impossible’ business goals. The course is built around factual
business case studies in which ‘impossible thinking’ led to
competitive success against overwhelming the odds or even
complete market dominance. The course also involves a series
of practical exercises and problems.

The material is drawn from many business sources, as well as their
own experience both as businessmen and magic consultants who
are frequently hired to achieve seemingly ‘impossible’ results.

Key elements include:

• What impossible thinking is, and why it matters
• The seven principles of impossible thinking: FAR VIEW
• Case studies that illustrate impossible thinking in action
• Performance elements that show ‘impossible’ is just a word
• Solving impossible problems (is easier than you think)
• Creating impossible products — from magic phones to flying shoes
• Winning impossible fights — when market losers become leaders
• Adopting the ‘impossible thinking’ culture

Learning Objectives:

You will learn how to:

• think in new and unusual ways that yield
practical business advantages
• tackle seemingly impossible problems —
and solve them systematically
• achieve seemingly impossible business
goals, such as successfully introducing
‘impossible’ products that lead to
significant market domination

You will also learn about:

• typical thinking habits that actually harm
your business success
• remarkable stories of business success
based on ‘impossible thinking’
• what the notion of ‘impossible’ actually
tells you
• the mindset of magicians and illusionists
who devise ways to achieve the impossible
on a regular basis

  • Novotel Hotel
  • 25b Friar Street
  • Reading
  • RG1 1DP
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