WEBINAR: The Generation Game

Wednesday, 27 January 2021
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm (UK time)
    • Russell Beck, ImagineThinkDo Ltd

"UK employers are still woefully unprepared for the impact workforce
demographics will have on their businesses." CIPD and CMI

There are already five generations in the workplace, with employees separated in age terms by 50 years or more. 'They' say that Millennials are flighty, expectant and demanding; that the older generations don't understand technology, are slow and bureaucratic. In-between you have the diplomat Gen X-ers, interfacing to the analogue Baby Boomers and the totally digital Millennials, who are 'just about managing' with stagnant pay-rises coupled with the increasing cost of living. And if all that wasn't enough, here comes Gen Z or 'Generation Truth,' who are more likely to call you 'mate' than 'Sir,' who want feedback every 5 minutes, for whom everything is but a click away.

We have to understand the generations for some very simple reasons: they are our workforce, they are our customers, they are our relatives. If we cannot relate to them then how on earth will we succeed together? So, what are the generations, what are their differences, how do they view work, what do they each value and how do we motivate them? Pulling on the latest research and background information, this session considers all of these aspects and more. Looking at the different behavioural traits, together with the political, cultural and technological factors that impacted each, we will consider where their strengths lie, the respective value propositions to enhance engagement and motivation, and explain why things can just blow up without you even realising why.

Overall it will show that one size does not fit all; one size fits one and going forward the successful will be those that embrace this.

Learning Objectives:

By attending this webinar, delegates will be able to identify the challenges and opportunities of managing a multi-generational workforce.

"If you go to only one session this year, make sure it's this one. Russell is an exciting, engaging speaker and captivates his audience from his first word to his last. This will be the best time you can spend if you want to know what makes your colleagues tick. This seminar helped me to understand the motivation, the values and the beliefs of my team and I raved about this presentation for months afterwards. This is by far the best presentation I have ever seen."

Speaker Biography

Russell Beck is a thought leader. He is a catalyst who is great at using research and insight to challenge preconceptions. His clients say he is a passionate presenter who joins the dots to make things real. Russell brings broad experience from a diverse career having held many top roles including working as an engineer managing large-scale international projects, leading a £120m talent management business and growing a successful consulting operation from scratch.

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