Webinar: How to create and manage a safe psychological work environment in person and virtually

Wednesday, 27 April 2022
10:00 am – 11:00 am (UK time)
    • Susan Heaton-Wright, SuperStar Communicator


There is significant evidence that individuals’ performance is negatively impacted when they feel unsafe or frightened. This could be caused by micro aggressions; a toxic work environment; bullying or even individuals being ignored or constantly interrupted. We want talent to thrive not leave! And sadly I have heard of incredible talent leaving organisations due to the negative environment.

Whilst these environments need to change, we can only change ourselves and how we respond to these situations. We can make a more informed choice about how we respond, if we understand what happens neuroscientfically. once we are consciously aware of what is happening we can start to respond differently, as well as identify when others are being affected by the situation.

Using our training and knowledge of neuroscience and expertise in spoken communication, we have created a unique and invaluable course to support talent.


• Give attendees permission to challenge existing norms

  • To understand what is happening neuroscientifically – in our brains when we are verbally abused, even by microaggressions
  • To acknowledge that there are microaggressions that are unacceptable; they undermine others as well as being intimidating.

• To provide tips on how to call out on biases and poor behaviour which is considered ‘the norm’

• To recognise that we don’t ALWAYS need to change : so often the focus is on what we should be doing differently rather than focusing on present situations.

  • Techniques to manage interruptions

• To recognise that it is easier to challenge when we collaborate and work together.

Speaker Biography


Susan Heaton-Wright, Superstar Communicator

Susan Heaton-Wright is an impact, communications and speaking trainer for executives and the creator of the Superstar Communicator™ philosophy. She is an international speaker; the MD of award winning music company, Viva Live Music and a former prize winning international opera singer. She delivers seminars, webinars (which are independently CPD accredited), workshops and individual training for many companies including Astra Zeneca, Shell, Deloitte, RBS, AXA, Accenture, I.H.S. and Quintiles. She has delivered speeches and webinars for CII branches. She is regularly interviewed on BBC Radio Five Live; BBC2, local radios and international podcasts and has her own podcast "Superstar Communicator". Susan has contributed to articles in Forbes, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, The Scotsman and trade publications. Susan is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, The Royal Society of Arts and the Incorporated Society of Musicians, and is a CPD accredited speaker. She leads a project of musicians in Greece annually, to deliver music workshops to refugees in Athens as part of the ‘Love without Borders’ charity.

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