Fri 12 Jun. 2020

Important Notice Regarding Webinars

Webinar links

The way you will receive the links to webinars has changed. Previously the link was e-mailed manually from the BII office, however, due to issues with some people not receiving the e-mail, the link will now be included in the booking confirmation e-mail that is automatically sent when you register for the webinar. This change will apply to all webinars taking place after the 17th June. Could you please ensure that your e-mail security system allows you to receive these e-mails.

Cancelling your place on webinars

If you cannot attend a webinar you have booked onto, you can cancel your place by clicking the 'Cancel Booking' link on the booking confirmation e-mail and booking reminder e-mail. Please give as much notice as you can when cancelling your place so others can attend.

CPD Certificates

To access the CPD certificate for the webinar you must complete a survey which is automatically sent to you when the webinar begins. Once you have completed the survey you will receive instructions on how to download the certificate. Your feedback is very important to us and helps the BII committee to arrange topical webinars that support you in your professional development.

Webinar starting times

We frequently have people arrive late for webinars meaning the presenter has stop to allow people to join, which either delays the start or interrupts the beginning of the webinar. This can impact on those who have to leave at the expected finish time and the quality of the webinar for those who arrive on time. It is important that people ensure that they join the webinar a few minutes early to ensure that it can start and complete on time, and also to identify any technological issues they may have using the link. If this issue continues we will have to consider denying access to late entrants. Thank you for your consideration.