Financial Service Revision Courses

Fri 11 Sep. 2020

The Personal Finance Society Hants and Dorset Regional Committee in association with the Insurance Institutes of Bournemouth and Southampton have organised the following online distance learning revision courses below.

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The Insurance Charities Launch Funding for Training and Learning during Covid 19

Thu 25 Jun. 2020

In response to the Covid 19 crisis, a fund has been launched to provide access to training and professional development for those working in the UK and Ireland.

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Eleven A-One Insurance Group Employees Celebrating Their Insurance Industry Accreditation

Sun 23 Feb. 2020

The A-One Insurance Group’s (AOIG) further development training programme saw eleven employees celebrating their insurance industry accreditation.

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Positivity Brimming at Coleman Marine Insurance in 2020 Following Acquisition by Gallagher

Thu 16 Jan. 2020

The acquisition of Coleman Marine Insurance by global insurance broking giant Gallagher.

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All Adds up for Yellows’ New Auditors

Wed 4 Dec. 2019

The Bournemouth-based bus company has taken on long established Dorset accountancy and financial services firm Ward Goodman.

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Official Recognition for Lewis Investment Pension Master Trust

Tue 8 Oct. 2019

The Lewis Workplace Pension Trust (TLWPT) has been granted Master Trust authorisation by The Pension Regulator (TPR).

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