Webinar: Food for Mood

Thursday, 18 July 2024
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (UK time)
    • Anna Reddy, Nutritionist and workplace health coach, Leap Health

We have arranged a mini-series of wellbeing webinars to take place over summer. The sessions are run over a lunchtime period, so feel free to join whilst taking a stroll away from your desk or enjoying your lunch!

This is the first of four CPD events so book your place now!

In order to tailor the content to the Insurance Institute of Leeds, Leap Health have provided a short Online Questionnaire for Attendees to Complete. Answers are anonymous and your participation in advance of the webinar would be greatly appreciated.

Although your brain is only 2% of your body weight, it consumes 20% of the calories you eat. So, why on earth when we think about nutrition are we often lead to focus on body image? Fuel your mind, and mental strength you will find!

Learning Objectives
At the end of this session delegates will be able to identify:

  • How the food you eat can impact the way you feel mentally
  • Which nutrients that can support your brain health
  • How you can nourish your mind with the food you love, simply, speedily, and without breaking the bank.

Course Outcomes
You will be motivated to fuel the mind.

You will have a clear plan of the foods that you enjoy and will make you feel good.

You will clear small steps in place to improve your mood through food.

Anna Reddy, founder of Leap Health, has over 18 years of success in the pharmaceutical industry, working with a broad spectrum of Health Care Professionals, and in a wide range of therapy areas.

She has experience in the fitness industry and is a qualified Nutritionist who is fascinated in how lifestyle can have a profound effect on prevention & management of our health. She is passionate about health, wellbeing and disease prevention that unlocks lifestyle solutions to mental and physical health to transform productivity and performance.

CII Accredited

This demonstrates the quality of an event and that it meets CII member CPD scheme requirements.

1 hour's CPD can be claimed for this event if relevant to your learning and development needs.

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