Wed 29 Nov. 2023

General Insurance Examination Training. Four Years from Start to Chartered.

Leicester CII is proud to announce a ground-breaking new initiative. Over the past three years we have put on training courses for our members at Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma. There’s less than a handful of Institutes in the country who have done that and from their own funds. However, we’ve realised that we can do it better and provide more for our members.

Working with other Institutes, we are now able to offer:

  • Continuity of training through Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma

  • Four years from start to Chartered

  • The ability to stop, pause or re-join training at Diploma or Advanced Diploma stages

  • Separate Certificate pathways for broker and insurer members

  • Training online for convenience

  • A new repeat course starting each year

  • Training by a panel of independent tutors experienced in delivering CII examination training

  • Training that is free to the member

Following confirmation of the initiative at a recent Council meeting, our President, Stephen White, said ‘I’m proud of the leading role that our Education Committee has played in bringing this amazing initiative to fruition. Since a majority of our general insurance members locally work for brokers, I’m particularly pleased that we’ve been able to introduce a Broker Pathway at Certificate level especially for them. We believe that’s a first anywhere in the country. I’m also pleased that we’ve retained the long-standing principle that members shouldn’t have to pay for their training in CII exams.’

Your Local CII Institute is paying for the training. As is usual, we are looking to the employer to pay for the study text and examination entry – and also to provide study time.

The schedule is:

  • Two certificate courses – Broker and Insurer – will start in January 2024. Nine half-days of training.

  • Two Diploma courses will start in May 2024. 32 half-days of training.

  • An Advanced Diploma Course will start in January 2026. 40 half-days of training.

In September 2024 the cycle will start again with Certificate courses followed by Diploma courses in January 2025 and Advanced Diploma in September 2026.

We also hope to run an additional Advanced Diploma course before January 2026; watch this space.

Details of how to apply for either of the Certificate courses starting in January will be announced imminently.