General Insurance Examination Training. Start to Chartered in Four Years!

Monday, 01 January 2024 – Tuesday, 30 June 2026


CII Leicester has joined with other Local Institutes of the CII to offer a ground-breaking training course. We are offering members of this Institute the opportunity to get continuous free tuition in examination subjects at Certificate (Cert CII), Diploma (Dip CII) and Advanced Diploma (ACII) levels. The cost of your training will be funded by this Institute. Training will be on-line, given by professional independent trainers experienced in CII examination training.


Cert CII

It starts with a Certificate of CII course in January 2024. Our members can choose either broker subjects or insurer subjects, depending on what best suits their current role. We believe it’s the first time that such a choice has been offered.


After the Certificate course, those members who wish to can progress to a Diploma training course. Again, there’s a choice of subjects. Those who subsequently wish to go onto the advanced diploma course will sign up to Diploma Standard. Others who might wish not to progress beyond Diploma at present can take Diploma Basic, if they prefer.


The next stage is Advanced Diploma, scheduled to start in January 2026. Naturally, not all members will wish to progress beyond Certificate or Diploma. We understand that. Members can leave the course at completion of any designation (but not during, please). Equally, we expect there will be an opportunity for other members to join a Dip CII course in April 2024 and an Advanced Dip course in January 2026.

There is no training in any subject during July and August. Everyone needs a summer break.

Support Required from Employer

We are hoping for the usual employer participation in this programme. We are looking for employers to provide study time to employees. We also expect that they will wish to fund purchase of the appropriate study text and examination entry. The on-line study time consist of:

Certificate: 9 half-days

Diploma: 32 half-days

Advanced Diploma: 40 half days

Your Institute is providing free tuition – but not study texts or examination entry. These must be purchased from the CII. Places will be on a first-come first-served basis. The administering Institute is CII Leicester. Applicants should complete their application form (attached below) and send it direct to Leicester at the email address on the application form.

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